Project Description


Asurion is a company that provides mobile insurance plans through various carriers such as Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and other international carriers. Customer who has a mobile insurance is trying to file a claim when their device is not repairable or lost, most likely customer will get a certified Like-New replacement device (Like for like). But when your current device model is not available or discontinued, customer will have to choose a similar device (Not like for like) or wait to get the same model.


Customers is having a hard time to compare the available devices (Specs).

“I want to compare 2 phones side by side on my smartphone.”

“I want my replacement device to last longer.”


  • Make customer to compare devices easily
  • Make customer to compare any 2 devices among 4 devices on their mobile device

Competitive Analysis

I started my design process by conducting a competitive analysis of various existing websites that show device comparison – from mobile to desktop.


I then started sketching some initial ideas on paper/Sketch software and writing down assumptions and questions for each versions.

Lo-fi Prototyping & Testing

I took some of these lo-fi wireframes to create lo-fi prototypes using a tool called InVision to quickly run an in-person, moderated usability testing.

  • Version 4 provides a better view to compare the devices on a small mobile screen. -> Iterate designs based on Version 4
    • Users were still having hard time to read the specs
    • Buttons were too small to switch to another device

Hi-fi Prototyping & Testing

I set up a design elaboration meeting with product owner, developers. We came up with a dropdown idea to select the devices to compare. Now that the general layout and the major flows have been determined, I started working on the interaction details. After going through a few iterations, I created hi-fi prototypes using Figma to conduct a remote, unmoderated usability testing through

Hi-fi Prototyping

Web: Click Here
Mobile: Click Here

“I like this a lot. It was simple and very easy to compare the phones. This would be a huge benefit”  – test participant 3

Some of the most interesting findings were:

  • Users look very curious what the other options (devices) are
  • User wanted to see more pictures of the devices

Next step

I need to incorporated usability-related feedback from the usability test, feasibility-related feedback from my project team, and information communication-related feedback from my design team to finalize the designs.