Project Description


Design a page to allow administrators for a large online blog to manage accounts via a web application. Ease-of-use is the number one priority.


As a user, I would like to view and manage a list of up to 100 users with names, contact information, current status and access rights. As a user, I would like to view, edit, manage access rights, and delete accounts.


Each account has a profile with additional information (we don’t need to see this page). A user account can be in three different states (aka status): Enabled, Inactive (temporarily suspended access) and Pending. When a user account is first created, it is set to pending status until the user logs in the first time and activates their account. Access rights are contributor, administrator and editor.

Short Case Study

Low-Fidelity Wireframe (Mobile Version) created by Axure

Low-Fidelity Wireframe created by Axure

High-Fidelity Wireframe created by Illustrator